Vibe Partners with AirGateway to bring new NDC content to the platform

Posted 23/04/2024 by James Hinton

Exciting news! AirGateway and Vibe have joined forces to simplify travel booking like never before. Imagine having access to NDC content from over 28 major carriers, all conveniently displayed on one screen through Vibe's online booking platform. It's a game-changer!


Vibe (that’s us), and AirGateway, a leader in NDC aggregation, are collaborating to revolutionize the way travel agencies operate. Their goal? To eliminate the headache of managing multiple channels and make NDC content easily accessible on Vibe's platform.


Gone are the days of complex implementations! Thanks to the hard work of both teams, travel agencies worldwide, including those in the UK, can now seamlessly tap into NDC content. With major airlines like BA, IB, and more embracing NDC, it's essential for agencies to adapt.


Simon Goddard, COO of Vibe System, expressed his excitement:

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with AirGateway and the successful integration of their NDC content into Vibe's booking solutions. This partnership allows us to offer our customers a greater choice in how they consume NDC content, streamlining the booking process and enhancing the overall experience for travel agencies. At Vibe, we're committed to providing innovative solutions that empower our clients, and this integration is a testament to that dedication.”


Lara Syddall, Operations Manager at Forward Travel, the first to benefit from this partnership, shared her experience:

"Adding Airgateway into our OBT Vibe, has enabled us to offer more competitive fares to our clients and wide range of choice.  In house we now have all our NDC content in one place, giving us a streamlined booking and rebooking process.”


Jorge Díaz, CEO of AirGateway, added:

“We are very excited about launching this partnership which will bring to our joint customers a full-stack solution for self-booking and agency servicing of NDC content for all our enabled available airlines in our platform. We are looking forward to providing our joint NDC-ready full-stack retailing platform solution to both TMCs and leisure agencies.”


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