Vibe Expands Its APAC and NA Content Offering with DidaTravel!

Posted 26/06/2024 by James Hinton

We’re thrilled to welcome DidaTravel’s awesome array of content to the Vibe booking platform, beefing up our content offerings. Known for their sharp deals on direct hotel contracts, DidaTravel brings an expansive collection of over 1 million hotel products our way, boosting Vibe’s lineup for the British and European long-haul markets as well as the APAC domestic market.


With DidaTravel joining forces with Vibe, you now have the keys to a portfolio of over 70,000 competitively sourced direct hotel contracts and over a million hotel products from 600+ global suppliers, covering 200+ countries and regions.


As one of the largest travel wholesalers in China and a leader in APAC travel distribution, DidaTravel is perfectly poised to help the travel providers using Vibe’s booking platform tap into the fastest growing outbound markets. Explore the new long-haul content offerings for places like Asia, Japan, China, the Middle East, and the USA.


This new partnership isn’t just about adding more options—it’s about making your travel content offerings broader, easier and a lot more exciting. So, what are you waiting for?

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