Vibe announces partnership with WeSwap as travel-extra for customers

Posted 06/11/2018 by Mat Cook

Travel money exchange service enables Vibe customers to boost revenue, drive conversion and reward loyalty

Vibe has announced a partnership with WeSwap, a peer-to-peer travel money exchange, enabling its customers to offer WeSwap’s travel money service as a complementary offering. WeSwap’s pre-paid, multi-currency Mastercard allows holidaymakers, expats, students and business travellers to swap currencies with people travelling in the opposite direction at a fraction of the cost.

The WeSwap card can be used worldwide and the company supports customers across Europe, including in the UK, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Italy and France. Through the partnership, Vibe has integrated WeSwap’s travel money service into its travel technology platform. Vibe customers will benefit from additional revenue at a minimum of £8 per booking, while providing travellers with access to up to 90 percent cheaper rates than banks and bureaus.

“With holidaymakers increasingly looking for easier and cheaper ways to manage their travel money, WeSwap is a welcome addition to the Vibe travel technology platform,” said Martin Eade, group e-commerce director at Vibe. “At Vibe, our customers, which include some of the most well-known travel brands in the world, trust us to provide a solution that enables them to grow their customer base, conversions and online bookings. We are looking forward to seeing our customers benefit from the partnership with WeSwap.”

“We are delighted to have partnered with Vibe, not least because the company is renowned for having deep penetration in the online travel agency (OTA) space,” said Rob Stross, chief marketing officer (CMO) at WeSwap. “WeSwap is fast becoming a must-have for travellers as it’s a safe and secure way to carry their travel money, they always get the fairest rates and there are no hidden fees. We are confident that Vibe’s customers will reap the benefits – both in monetary terms and with customer loyalty.”

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