Travel Counsellors for Business launches booking platform powered by Vibe for corporate clients

Posted 10/04/2024 by Martin Eade

Travel Counsellors for Business launches booking platform powered by Vibe for corporate clients

Travel Counsellors for Business, the UK’s largest technology platform for corporate travel experts, has launched the company’s first online booking tool for clients.

The digital booking platform, which has been developed in the latter half of 2023 and early 2024, has been made live to clients who want to reap the benefits of having their own corporate travel adviser, but take advantage of the chance to self-serve on point to point itineraries including, hotels, rail, car hire, airfares and ancillaries

The self-booking tool, named myTC Online, has been developed in partnership with, and is powered by Vibe, the leading international provider of leisure and corporate booking technology, and enables Travel Counsellor business owners to offer a corporate travel booking dashboard to clients, and a universal view, for both the TC and client, of all bookings made.

Travel Counsellors for Business Managing Director, Kieran Hartwell said, “Working together with the team at Vibe, we are delighted to be launching myTC Online to our corporate Travel Counsellors and their clients, many of whom operate in the SME sector with business operations that move at pace.

“We highly anticipate that both business travellers and bookers alike will enjoy the freedom to make bookings on the platform, all with the wraparound personal support of their Travel Counsellor, who remains a phone call away or contactable through myTC app, where clients can access their entire booking journey, travel itinerary and supporting documents.”

Bookings that require approval can also be viewed and accepted in the system, and the technology is designed to be customised to each client, configured to the hotels, rail/plane tickets and other travel products that fall within the company’s travel policy. Further client benefits include the integration of a company’s sustainable travel programme, customisable to display only travel products that support carbon reduction targets, and suggesting rail ticket options alongside flights, where applicable.

Martin Eade, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Vibe Systems, said, “It’s been a real pleasure to work closely with Travel Counsellors for Business on their journey to launch myTC Online, backed by the knowledge, systems, support and experience we have at Vibe to ensure that both Travel Counsellor business owners and clients can take full advantage of a self-booking tool as part of a fully comprehensive corporate travel service.”

Hartwell continues, “2023 saw Travel Counsellors for Business mark the £250m milestone. With the integration of self-service in a way that’s convenient to clients, we not only deliver market parity for both our business owners and their clients, but retain the high-touch, concierge-style support our corporate Travel Counsellors are proud to provide.

“myTC Online forms part of the story and investment that we are making in technology at Travel Counsellors for Business, always with both our TC business owners and clients in mind, offering the perfect partnership of personal service and efficient digital experiences.”

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