Sustainable Travel TMC COCO+ Celebrates First Anniversary of CO2 Impact Data Powered by Vibe

Posted 06/03/2023 by Simon Goddard

  • First anniversary of Vibe powering CO2 data to calculate carbon impact of air, train, car hire and hotel trips for COCO+, the sustainable travel TMC launched last year.
  • In addition, Vibe is now providing front-end search and booking technology for the company.
  • UK based COCO+ recently attained the prestigious sustainability ‘B Corps’ certification.  

6 March, 2022 – Stevenage, United Kingdom:  Vibe – the leading international provider of booking technology solutions to the travel industry – has celebrated the first anniversary of powering COCO+, the sustainable travel TMC.

As part of this long-term contract Vibe provides COCO+ with CO2 data to calculate the carbon impact of journeys of not just flights, but also trips by train, car hire and hotel stays.

In addition Vibe is also now providing the company with front-end technology for searches and reservations.

UK-based COCO+ was launched in 2022 and was the first TMC to offer ‘offset plus’ – meaning that they offset carbon emissions, plus 1% – for all travel, but at no extra cost.

Recently the company was awarded the very prestigious B Corps certification, a private certification of for-profit companies of their social and environmental performance.

Simon Goddard, Chief Information Officer at Vibe comments: “At Vibe we are deeply committed to helping the travel industry evolve to providing sustainable products and we believe that providing CO2 data within the search and booking process is one of the key elements to make that happen. Based on our experience and in-house technology we were able to provide Coco+ with all the data they required and as we celebrate our first anniversary working together we are already exploring this with other clients who have similar needs.”

Phil Brown, Chief Operating Officer, from COCO+ adds: “Our clients crave consistent, accurate and easy-to-understand data on the carbon impact of not just their flights but also other types of travel products such as car hire, hotel and even train. Sadly most of such suppliers don’t yet automatically (or even upon request) provide that kind of information and capturing it is an almost impossible task, particularly at the search stage. But for a whole year now with Vibe we have been able to receive all of this in one place, whilst now also integrating that alongside their very innovative search and bookings tool to give our clients an even greater experience.”

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