RateHawk Spreads its Wings on Vibe

Posted 09/05/2024 by James Hinton

Vibe is thrilled to roll out the welcome mat for RateHawk on our online booking platform, adding a dash of flair to our already stellar lineup of travel content.

RateHawk, with its vast repository of hotel data and services, now slots seamlessly with Vibe’s extensive content offering. RateHawk boasts details on over 2.5 million hotels worldwide, complete with multilingual descriptions, vivid imagery, and pinpoint locations.

Additionally, we're pleased to integrate RateHawk's flagship Pre-Book API feature into our system, offering a serious leg-up to agent clients using their content.
This clever solution is already in action with our valued client, The Flights Guru, addressing one of the most common headaches in travel booking.

This Pre-Book API feature combats the all-too-common scenario of unavailable accommodations after you've hit 'book.'
The Pre-Book functionality not only enhances booking success rates but also keeps rate availability in real-time sync, ensuring a seamless booking experience in the fast-changing travel sector.

Now available to all Vibe clients, RateHawk's Pre-Book adjusts availability and pricing conditions on the fly. If your first choice evaporates, it swiftly scouts a comparable alternative, saving you from the manual scramble and keeping your booking process on point. Sounds like a smart move, doesn’t it?

Are you already enjoying Vibe's services and interested in unlocking RateHawk's capabilities? Or perhaps you're keen to join our community and see how features like Pre-book can transform your booking experience?

Either way, we're excited to assist you. Get in touch to discover how Vibe can bring a fresh rhythm to your travel bookings!

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