Flightcatchers.com continued success powered by Vibe.

Posted 01/09/2022 by Simon Goddard

  • Following the launch of Flightcatchers.com in 2019, the Vibe powered website has renewed its commitment for the long term.
  • Vibe provides a full booking engine solution, handling significant daily search volumes to VFR and other markets.
  • UK based Flightcatchers.com owner Polani Travel grew PAX almost threefold between 2019 and 2021.  

01 September, 2022 – Stevenage, United Kingdom:  Vibe – the leading international provider of booking technology solutions to the travel industry – has confirmed the renewal of a contract to continue powering Flightcatchers.com.

The long term extension sees Vibe powering the search and booking engine, handling significant daily search volumes.

Flightcatchers.com was launched in 2019 with the support of Vibe and previously focused on the sale of flights to a mostly – but not exclusively – British-Asian community of travellers.

However, since then they have branched out and expanded their customer base. Turkey has proven to be one of the top destinations for Flightcatchers.com, becoming one of the number one seller for Turkish Airlines in the UK to Turkey corridor.

The website is part of Polani Travel, the 57-year-old family-run travel agency based in the UK that has grown its PAX almost threefold between 2019 and 2021, rising from 92k to 257k.

This great success has been achieved by a combination of Vibe’s leading technology and the leveraging of Polani Travel’s own in-house online marketing and data analytics team.

Simon Goddard, Chief Information Officer at Vibe comments: “We were really excited to win this contract three years ago but are even more excited to extend again given the amazing success of Flightcatchers.com, including the remarkable feat of growing even through COVID.”

Suleman Ishaq, Marketing Analytics Director at Flightcatchers.com adds: “Three years ago when we decided to go online and create Flightcatchers.com, the natural partner to power our technology was Vibe. Given the significant part they have played in our great success, naturally we wanted to extend our relationship and we look forward to building on our mutual success for many years to come.”

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