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Posted 12/07/2021 by Lauren Goddard

Agiito case study


A complex web of corporate booking policies.

Agiito work with a variety of clients, each with their own unique travel booking policies – which can often make booking and approval processes complicated and long-winded. When a single corporation combines complex rules around trip duration, destination and day of week with multi-level approval based on cost centre, trip cost and projects... everything falls apart.

They needed a solution that would make sure their online booking platform could automatically incorporate the unique travel policies of all their clients, streamlining the entire booking process.




A solution that simplifies.

Vibe developed a powerful solution in just six months, to allow even the most complicated and detailed travel policies to be applied to all online bookings. This gave Agiito’s clients the power to manage their travel business more efficiently – reducing manual processes, driving online adoption and satisfying their customers.

Now, Agiito have an intuitive way for policies to be set up and managed, for customers whose policies have never been applied online before. An innovative change, with a huge impact.



Building the future of corporate travel

“Our strong and collaborative relationship with Vibe has allowed us to implement many of our customer’s complex travel policies that were not possible on our legacy booking tools.

We have been able to work with our customer and understand their needs to police their travel policies online, and Vibe have always been willing to enhance their Travel Policy and Approval System so we can achieve what our customer’s require. We have had some of the most complex policies to implement over the past couple of years and Vibe always rise to the challenge.

In many cases, we’ve worked with our clients and set up the search results to only display preferred options, guiding the end user’s selection to align with the client’s flight or hotel programme. We have also been able to send approvals based on data entered at the time of booking and give traveller’s the ability to select their approver at the time of booking. This has been applauded by their finance teams and reduced justification requests based on budgets and other important factors.

Having such policies dictate search results determines the options available for travellers booking their own trips which has been even more significant in the past 18 months. We expect more of our clients to use Vibe’s Travel Policy and Approval System to control spend and require approval for trips, especially given ‘duty of care’ is going to be more important than ever as we balance the needs of business travel alongside the ongoing recovery from the pandemic.”

Luke Perry, Partner Product Owner, Agiito

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