A bespoke digital solution to rid old-fashioned call-backs

Posted 12/07/2021 by Lauren Goddard

When the old ways aren’t working...

As Ireland’s #1 travel agent, Cassidy Travel know the importance of staying on top of travel trends. Before the pandemic, they noticed more interest in multi-centre holidays – so post-pandemic, they knew that demand for trips with several destinations would increase. However, the offline travel consultant time required from most travel providers just wouldn’t fit well with digital-first customers.

Cassidy Travel needed a solution that would bring the whole booking process online, giving their customers the control they needed to book multi-centre holidays with ease.



A bespoke solution for a digital world.

In just three months from request to release, Vibe developed a dynamic multi-centre booking function for Cassidy. Now, their customers can book trips with up to three destinations (and all transfers) entirely online. Vibe’s the only platform with a bespoke multi-centre function, letting customers mix and match destinations using live availability instead of being limited to agent defined packages.

As travel restrictions loosen, offering dynamic products and flexibility to customers ensures they’re able to get the most out of every trip – something that’s on every traveller’s mind post-pandemic.



Time and money? Saved.

“This was an excellent project to work on with the Vibe team, they instantly saw the massive benefits this unique functionality would offer the end user and were very versatile and flexible throughout the whole process from request, workshops and scoping right through to final delivery. The user experience was a key concern for all with this development and I think the Vibe design team done a fantastic job in making is simple and eye catching. This new functionality has not only saved costs across our business but it has opened a new booking avenue and experience to new and existing clients.”

Paul Kelly, Head of IT, Cassidy Travel

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