Virtual credit cards: when payments are about more than just money

Posted 13/01/2022 by Matthew Chapman

No doubt you’ve heard much about virtual credit cards, or VCCs as many call them. Perhaps your online travel agency or TMC is using them already to significantly cut payment transactions...


This year beware of the day before the Ides of March: for UK-based TMCs it could augur ruin

Posted 11/01/2022 by Matthew Chapman

In 44 BC Julius Caesar was assassinated on the 15th March, a day that Romans knew as the festival of the ‘Ides of March’ and one that has remained ominous ever since.   But this year...


Travel subscription models: what do online travel sellers need to know? Part II

Posted 26/11/2021 by Matthew Chapman

Have you read in the travel trade media stories about online travel sellers launching variations of a subscription model? Recently we interviewed our Chief Technical Officer, Matthew...


Travel subscription models: what do online travel sellers need to know? Part I

Posted 19/11/2021 by Matthew Chapman

You are not alone if you have recently noticed several online travel sellers launching variations of a subscription model. But what exactly does a ‘subscription model’ really mean? More...

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Vibe powers tech for UK's first subscription travel club

Posted 04/11/2021 by Sam Cook

Ultimate Travel Club (UTC) launched in September as the UK’s first subscription travel club, offering members access to trade prices with no mark-up or commission. Vibe is providing...


Friend or foe: what does the ‘metaverse’ mean for travel?

Posted 04/11/2021 by Matthew Chapman

As the last 18 months have shown, the future of travel is not what it used to be. Now with the arrival of the ‘metaverse’ – a 3D, augmented-reality, version 2.0 of the internet heralded by...


Could cross-selling leisure be the low-hanging fruit TMCs need right now?

Posted 23/09/2021 by Matthew Chapman

Traditionally TMCs and corporate travel professionals have perhaps been a bit sniffy about the leisure space. Lots of talk about lower margins, cut-throat competition, lack of loyalty and so...

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Vibe announces two new senior roles

Posted 20/09/2021 by Sam Cook

Newly created role of Client Service Manager to be taken by existing employee Laura Travis to lead the support team. Additionally, Rob Marshall recruited to fill newly created role of...

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Vibe announces live-webcast ‘Vibe Recovery Ready’ series.

Posted 06/09/2021 by Sam Cook

Throughout September and October Vibe to host series of free-to-attend, live-webcast 15-minute sessions. VIBE RECOVERY READY is a response to customer and supplier feedback on need...


Is blockchain an expensive journey to nowhere for the travel industry?

Posted 31/08/2021 by Matthew Chapman

When a new invention captures the popular imagination, it can be presented as the answer to virtually any problem. Just look at the internet boom in the late 1990s. Stagnant business model...

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A focus on post-Covid tools

Posted 27/07/2021 by Lauren Goddard

We have announced a range of new features focused on post-Covid recovery. Read the full story on Business Travel News Europe.

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Vibe's recovery value proposition

Posted 26/07/2021 by Lauren Goddard

You may have noticed we look slightly different, but there's much more to our rebrand than meets the eye...   It's been a challenging 15 months for us all, so as the travel industry...

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A bespoke digital solution to rid old-fashioned call-backs

Posted 12/07/2021 by Lauren Goddard

When the old ways aren’t working... As Ireland’s #1 travel agent, Cassidy Travel know the importance of staying on top of travel trends. Before the pandemic, they noticed more interest in...

Case studies

An industry first with Agiito

Posted 12/07/2021 by Lauren Goddard

Challenge A complex web of corporate booking policies. Agiito work with a variety of clients, each with their own unique travel booking policies – which can often make booking and...

Industry news

Travel Day of Action

Posted 23/06/2021 by Simon Goddard

Vibe is standing with the travel industry, calling on Government to safely reopen travel and provide financial support.   London based travel booking platform, Vibe, is taking part...

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Vibe Partners with the Business Travel Association

Posted 11/03/2021 by Simon Goddard

We are delighted to announce our new Partnership with The BTA. The BTA is the authority on business travel. They work collaboratively across the industry and with the government to promote the...

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Vibe expands its media portfolio with the launch of new ‘Mail Travel’ platform

Posted 15/06/2020 by Simon Goddard

Vibe expands its media portfolio with the launch of new ‘Mail Travel’ platform Mail Travel (part of the Mail Newspapers Group) has appointed Vibe to be its new technical partner powering...

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Coronavirus: Vibe Systems creates flight management tool for Cayman Island repatriations

Posted 28/04/2020 by Lee Hayhurst

UK travel software firm Vibe Systems has launched repatriation charter flight management and booking tool for Cayman Islands Government. The Cayman Islands government approached Vibe...

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Vibe Systems expands with new appointments

Posted 15/04/2019 by Martin Eade

The eight new appointments span Vibe’s customer technical support, implementation, development and account management teams. The new hires include the following key positions: Simon...

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Vibe Becomes Expedia Partner Solutions Certified Technology Partner

Posted 21/02/2019 by Martin Eade

The EPS Certified Technology Partner Program is designed to accelerate platform partners’ business success, providing access to unparalleled travel expertise, helping them to distinguish...

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Vibe Corporate makes buying travel simpler and smarter, whilst keeping TMCs in control

Posted 14/02/2019 by Martin Eade

Vibe Systems has unveiled its new look Vibe Corporate platform; the comprehensive, flexible and secure corporate travel management system, which is quick, user-friendly and requires little or...

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Vibe strengthens strategic partnership with Capita Travel and Events

Posted 11/12/2018 by Martin Eade

The partnership will continue to strengthen Capita Travel and Events existing investment in its travel technology platform, iris, benefiting from Vibe’s industry-leading travel technology...

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Vibe announces partnership with WeSwap as travel-extra for customers

Posted 06/11/2018 by Mat Cook

Vibe has announced a partnership with WeSwap, a peer-to-peer travel money exchange, enabling its customers to offer WeSwap’s travel money service as a complementary offering. WeSwap’s pre-paid,...

Thought leadership

Six tips for designing websites in the travel industry

Posted 02/11/2018 by Paige Wollington

Website design is often the determining factor of whether a customer stays or leaves the site. According to the Behaviour and Information Technology Journal, a typical user will form an opinion...

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Temptations Holidays deploys Vibe for new website launch

Posted 17/09/2018 by Martin Eade

Vibe has today announced that Temptation Holidays, the adults-only travel company, has deployed Vibe’s travel technology platform for its new website. Temptation Holidays is a tour operator...