Cloning Products

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Unfortunately you can’t use one product page for different sites with different currencies. If you did this, the same price would appear across all of the sites, but with their different currencies applied. (1,200 AED / QAR 1,200 / £1,200 etc)

Thankfully, it isn’t a lot of work to make a product appear on different storefronts.

To do this:

Create Supplier folders for each currency and assign these Supplier Folders ONLY to the storefronts with the same currency. (E.G All Inclusive AED and All Inclusive QAR.)
Edit the product details of the product you want to duplicate.
In the top right click “Duplicate Entire Product”.
Assign a Master Code and click Duplicate.
Select a NEW supplier from the dropdown for the storefront and currency you’re adding it to.
Change the “Lead In” price to match the Currency conversion.
Now ‘Update Product Details’.

You have now cloned a product to another storefront and currency.

Published by: Katie Rossiter