Recaptcha V2

Vibe Menu:

All you need to use ReCAPTCHA V2 is an API key. These are site-specific and you need to set it up as its tied to your google account, ideally you'll use the same account as for webmaster tools or analytics.

You can do this at - where you have registered all of the domains that are valid for your key.

Once done, you will have two keys provided to them. A site key and a secret key. Both of these need to be sent to the Vibe Team so they can add it in to yourmodule settings.

Once the module is set up then its able to be used in the contact form widget - you'll see a ReCAPTCHA v2 option appear in the options for what captcha provider to use.

At present, only the contact form uses a captcha but other forms may use it in the future.

You'll know if its working if you are provided with a captcha that looks upto date. If you are given a captcha which asks you to enter two distorted words, then it is falling through to use ReCAPTCHA v1

Published by: Katie Rossiter