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This document outlines how you can access Vibe Support to raise a ticket or

Accessing Vibe Support

Vibe Menu: General > Vibe Support

You will be brought to a Log In screen. Your login details are your Username and Password for the site you have accessed Vibe Support from.


Here you can see Alerts created by the Vibe team. If there’s ever an issue affecting multiple customers, we will put in an alert to save customers raising tickets and ourselves time responding to multiple tickets about the same issue.

New Ticket:

Enter a reason:

·       Booking Error

·       Content Problem – Something is not quite right with the site content.

·       Implementation Query – You’d like to discuss a new function/feature for the site

·       Search Problem – Searches aren’t processing or are bringing back bad results

·       Website Availability – Is the site intermittently going down or having access issues.

Choose a reason most relevant to the problem you are having.


·       Critical - ONLY to be used if the whole site is down and un-accessible.

·       High - If a large number of customers will be prevented from booking because of the issue

·       Medium - The user experience will be affected and bookings may be hindered.

·       Low - The user experience is affected.

Choose a priority most relevant to the problem - If you overstate the problem, you may prevent a more serious issue from being resolved.

Booking Reference: If your issue relates to one or more bookings, enter the references here. If you have multiple examples of an issue affecting multiple bookings please list them all here. The more examples we have, the easier it is for us to spot errors.

Subject: Good subject lines can help Vibe Support understand the issue you’re having.


Ticket Details: Be descriptive, talk through the steps you took before you encountered a problem. This helps us retrace your actions to see the issue you experienced. If you performed a search - let us know where you searched, both the ‘From’ and ‘To’, the dates, PAX num, PAX types etc.

If you have multiple-issues on the site, please put them all in separate tickets. This allows us to assign issues to different team members more affectively and there isn’t an issue lost in the chain of replies.

CC Emails: If another team member wants to see updates on your ticket progress, please add the emails here. You do not need to add in Vibe team members email addresses here, as we will all receive a copy of the ticket via email when you raise your ticket.

Files: Upload screenshots to the ticket here. Being able to see exactly what you saw is a massive help to us.

Finally, once all fields have been filled, click "Open Support Ticket"

If you receive a reply to your support ticket, please do not reply to the email you have received, please login to Vibe Support again from the storefront you raised the ticket on to reply.

Once you are satisfied your ticket has been resolved, please close the ticket.

View Tickets:

On the View Tickets screen you have the option to:

·       My Open Tickets – See all the tickets you have raised and are currently active in one place

·       Open Company Tickets – This lets you see what tickets other people have already opened for issues on the site, so you can be sure you’re not opening a duplicate issue or

·       All My Tickets - See all the tickets you have raised whether they are still open or resolved.

·       All Company Tickets – Gives you visibility on all the tickets your company has ever raised, both open and closed.


In settings you can add your telephone number to your information. This allows us to contact you on the most direct number should we wish to discuss your ticket further with you.
You can also tick the option to have all ticket updates emailed to you, this is so you don’t have to keep logging into Vibe Support to check when the ticket has been updated.

If you do enable email notifications, please do not reply to the email; instead please log into the Support System to respond.




Site Down?

Critical ticket:

If your website is down, you can’t access vibe support from the Vibe Menu. In this situation, you should bookmark your Vibe Support URL

Your URL is:



Published by: Katie Rossiter