Vibe Menu:

Menus (Content)

·        Add all menus here

·        Can enable and disable tabs

·        Can add sub menus – link sub menu to top menu item

·        Arrows on right hand side allow you to rearrange the menu items


've added some screenshots to help.

To this menu, you add all of your top level menu items. To do this you click "add new menu item", write in the display name and URL, tick the enabled box and the bottom and then save.

Then you create new and seperate menus for the sub-menu items of each top level menu item. This is back at the main menu page ( ) and click Create new Menu at the bottom. Name it anything you like, but I'd reccomend adding '_submenu' at the end of it, as with the others on the menu page.

When you create the new menu, as soon as you've named it and clicked "Create", it will take you straight to a page to make the first URL of that menu.

Once the new sub-menu's are made and the top level menu is completed, you need to assign the sub-menus to the relevant top level items. Do this by editing mobile_menu again, then click edit on the menu item you want to add a submenu to, then scroll through the "submenu selection" to find the submenu you want to add to it.

click save at the bottom and you're done.

Published by: Katie Rossiter