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Travel Sectors

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Vibe for online travel agents

Today’s online travel marketplace is mega-competitive. We know that price-savvy consumers are trawling the web looking to find the best deals going for air, hotel and dynamic travel packages.

The OTAs who stand out are those which offer comprehensive content at competitive prices, all made easily accessible via a professional, feature-packed interface with easy booking options.

Differentiation is key too, particularly if you have specialist product. Perhaps you have offers and promotions you need to manage and update instantly to multiple channels, such as your website, mobile or email campaigns? After all, your business is unique so your travel platform needs to fully reflect this.

Our approach is to meet you for an informal consultation, so we can fully understand your business aims and agree how we can best work together to deliver a successful project on time and on budget.

Your site will include all the vital features and functionality you need to compete in today’s busy online marketplace, and much more besides.

Key features include

  • Dynamic packaging
  • Structured website hierarchy
  • Template based merchandising pages
  • Product and content management
  • Automated offer generation
  • Deposit payments
  • Free-text search
  • Customer call back notification
  • Comprehensive content options, flights, hotels, ancillaries

We Holiday


Vibe for destination management companies

Vibe offer a fully managed solution for DMC’s to profile their destination(s) services and attractions via a fully searchable and bookable website and mobile platform.

We understand the importance for DMC’s to profile services and products on an easy to navigate and professional website and provide you with the functionality to control the product and content management.

Vibe can offer DMC’s the options of a B2C and B2B booking sites, with full independent flexibility for product and pricing management. What’s more is, with Vibe you can operate completely unique front ends, even with different brands and designs, which means that your B2B and B2C offerings can appear totally independent. Flight and/or Hotel products can also be included and are online bookable too, we can even offer dynamic packaging of flights/hotels with your own products.

Key features include

  • Fully tailored booking web site to match your style and branding
  • B2C and B2B options
  • Available for all destination based product types – attraction tickets/ tours/excursions
  • Multilingual and multi-currency booking platform
  • Fully searchable product with filtering
  • Flights and/or hotels can be included


Vibe for airlines

With successful delivery of solutions for Qatar Airways Holidays, South African Airways, Emirates and Aer Lingus, Vibe’s flexibility, functionality and Dynamic Packaging booking engine is providing today’s Airlines with real added-value via an airline holidays booking platform tailored to meet specific requirements and brand sensitivities.

Airlines prefer to maximise capacity via direct bookings and can benefit from a ‘Holidays’ booking site, where passengers can book an air seat together with a hotel plus extras, in a single transaction.  What’s more, the booking site is developed and designed to exactly match the brand guidelines specified to ensure there is a seamless transition between the Airline main site and the Holidays booking site.

No ATOL?  No problem - Airlines who don’t have their own ATOL aren’t restricted as Vibe can provide fully licenced fulfillment via their group travel agency. 

Why not consider Vibe for the operation of your own flight Rewards Redemption scheme – we have the know-how, the expertise and have already developed this solution for Emirates 

Key features include

  • Fully tailored booking web site to match your style and branding
  • Your flights dynamically packaged with hotels and extras
  • Over 200,000 connected worldwide hotels
  • Extras include – transfers, car rental, insurance, parking, attractions
  • Reward point redemption scheme can be included
  • Multilingual and multi-currency booking platform
  • Fulfilment and call centre support
  • IATA and ATOL bonded

Qatar Airways Holidays

TMCs & Corporates

Vibe for travel management companies

Here at Vibe we understand a comprehensive travel management booking system is an essential element for any successful and growing travel management company. The flexibility and depth of Vibe's features together with an easy and intuitive mid-office interface compliments the fully customisable front end options, which together provide an extremely powerful TMC solution that already consistently delivers outstanding results for a number of businesses.

As well as providing you with all the essential components required from any modern day TMC we are constantly striving to formulate and develop the latest technological advances in all things TMC tech to keep your business at the forefront of the industry.


Key features include

  • Travel policy management
  • Pre-trip authorisation
  • Thousands of mark-up options
  • Desktop solution
  • NDC connectivity
  • Multi passenger capability
  • Savings calculations and reporting
  • PCI DSS Level 1 compliance



Vibe for corporates

Corporate travel is a specialist area that requires a travel booking platform which includes all of the specialist features needed for today’s Corporate travel companies.  Vibe has successfully developed a travel booking system which includes all the necessary and essential functionality required for Corporate travel and a lot more besides.


Vibe Corporate offers a user friendly, feature rich booking tool, that can be integrated into any company’s procurement policy, whilst taking into consideration company budget, travel policies and preferred partners.

Access a diverse range of travel products, including low cost carriers, charter flights and bed banks, it easy to book flights, hotels, rail, car hire, airport parking, ferry, insurance and transfers in one simple itinerary.

No matter how complex your customers’ business structure, Vibe’s flexible product will cater to their requirements.

Key features include

  •  Travel policy compliance
  •  Pre-trip authorisation
  •  Customisable account permissions
  •  Rich diverse content
  •  Best fare finder
  •  Hotel point of on interest search
  •  Advanced reporting suite
  •  Flexible employee notifications
  •  Reporting tool
  •  Cost codes & purchase orders
  •  Booking history
  •  Full profile system with APIS
  •  White label tool
  •  Combined single fare search


Vibe for media

VibeMedia is a travel product management and booking platform specifically developed to meet the challenges for online Media companies that want to promote and sell travel both online and offline. Traditional newsprint publishers are focusing on maximising digital asset revenue opportunities and relevant travel offers are an important element as part of the online reader offering. VibeMedia offers publishers’ an easy and effective route to manage all travel product and content within one comprehensive platform plus the ability to publish and sell via website, tablet and mobile channels.

VibeMedia is the platform of choice for UK national titles The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent and The Irish Times and regional publishers including The Evening Standard.  What is particularly relevant and exciting is, Vibe is a Global platform and can support multi-market and multicurrency requirements of International publishers.  

Key features include

  • All travel supplier content included
  • Online and offline booking enabled
  • All product fully searchable
  • Product tagging
  • Secure multiple payment options
  • Individual supplier API linking
  • Automated email communications
  • Dynamic packaging options
  • Customer booking retrieval area
  • Content management system
  • Product management system
  • Supplier management system
  • Booking management & reporting
  • Landing page generation
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Admin & permissions management 

The Guardian


Vibe for consolidators

Travel consolidators providing B2B solutions for agents and/or B2C as an OTA can benefit from Vibes powerful and comprehensive mid-office functionality. Full control over product and content via one central hub provides the high level of management flexibility required to maximize sales and conversions both online and offline. The agent login interface provides easy access to product and content for individual agents to view and make bookings, all managed within the system. Real time reports and analysis, provide access to vital information including search trends and booking activity allowing the opportunity for real time reaction and tailoring of product offers and margin management to maximise conversions. Vibe’s comprehensive functionality offers consolidators the opportunity to better manage their sales and product distribution and to improve their overall offering as a B2B provider.

Key features include

  • Real Times Sales & Monitoring
  • Detailed Sales Reporting
  • In Depth Search Analysis
  • Traveler Tracking Report
  • Customer Support System
  • External Product Loading
  • Agent Changeable & Sub Agent Markups
  • Fare Only Search
  • Fully tailored B2B and B2C front end websites
  • Central hub access for individual agent login

Tour Operators

Vibe for tour operators

Profiling your product effectively and professionally online is vital for today’s tour operators. A Vibe front-end and mid-office working together with your reservation platform offers a most comprehensive solution for your online tour operating business. Vibe can be linked with any API accessible reservation platform, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition from front-end booking to reservation.

Vibe will no doubt be offering your business some additional features conducive to improving your overall product management capabilities, by offering features and functional tools which may not be included within your current technology capabilities.

Key features include

  • Fully tailored booking web site to match your style and branding

  • Vibe mid-office administration platform

  • Connectivity to additional bookable product – flights and hotels

  • Multilingual and multi-currency booking platform

  • Fully searchable product options with filtering

  • Seamless linking with your reservation platform

Hotels of the Caribbean


Vibe for airports

Airport terminal passengers are increasing year on year and visitors to airport websites are also on the increase.  Airports are quickly realising the capture of customer data is of huge value to them in order to understand who their customers are and what they are looking for.  Adding value to a website user experience and engaging with customers by offering the sale of travel product via the airport website is a great way of capturing data and provides customers an easy way to book travel via the airport.

A Private Label website is delivered by Vibe for free and comes with no monthly fees to pay for the airport and zero operational costs and a 50/50 profit share with the airport.

No set up fee, with a 50% profit sharing partnership.*  

*Offline share may vary 

Key features include

  • Flights with over 100 schedule airlines plus charter & low cost
  • Hotels - access to over 200,000 hotels worldwide
  • Dynamic packaging
  • Extras include – transfers, insurance, car hire, attractions, parking 
  • Integrated parking for airports using preferred supplier
  • Fulfilment & call centre support
  • IATA & ATOL bonded


Manchester Airport Group

Call Centres & Retailers

Vibe for call centres & retailers

Maximise your sales and conversion rates…

Vibe provides you with the tools to manage and fulfill your online and offline business whilst enabling your agency to communicate with customers more effectively. Vibe’s central platform includes real time reports and analysis, allowing you to better understand business trends and respond accordingly to client searches and bookings.

Key features include

  •  Customer support system
  •  Real time sales & monitoring system
  •  Detailed sales reporting
  •  In-Depth search analysis
  •  Traveller tracking report
  •  External product loading
  •  Agent changeable markups
  •  Sub agent markups
  •  Fare only search