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Vibe Engine

  • Built for Your Travel Business

The core of our technology. Vibe Engine is the heart that powers all our customer websites. You just need one Vibe Engine to open up your business to the support and growth Vibe will provide for all your online operations.

Vibe Engine is the heart of our travel technology, built to provide your agency with vast and flexible functionality for selling travel products online. At the core of all our clients’ websites, Vibe Engine provides one strong standalone platform to configure and manage your online operations and bookings

Holiday Highlights

We've carefully crafted our complex and thorough platform into a simple group of packages relevant to your business. Simply add the right packages and your Vibe Engine gains all the tools you need. You only need a package once and it's available for all your websites.

Vibe Leisure

The package created with all the functionality you need to tackle the modern world of online leisure travel, allowing you to rival the biggest names in the industry.

Vibe Corporate

Built to provide your corporates an intuitive and fully featured online booking tool.

Vibe Agent

An in-depth set of tools to support your travel operations in retail, call centre and fulfilment.


What's Included

  • Tailor-made Design
  • Fully Live Bookable Site
  • Choice of Suppliers
  • Dynamic Packaging
  • Cross Sell Functionality
  • Customer Booking Retrieval
  • Agency Booking Tool
  • Queue Management
  • Markup and Margin
  • Management Tool
  • Route & Supplier
  • Management System
  • Lead Days System
  • Fraud Rule Management
  • Integrated Payment Gateways
  • (with 3D Secure)
  • Auto Ticketing
  • Automated Customer
  • Documentation
  • Content Management System
  • Basic Reporting Tool
  • White Label System
  • Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Friendly